This is made of a quality poplin cloth in the following colours;

This is the top most colour on the flag. This colour signifies youth fullness, Productivity, hard work, resourcefulness, dynamism and naturalism.

This is the colour of the emblem on the flag. It signifies culture and originality.

This colour signifies vision. It also means the youth should use the esxiting light to see, use the existing opportunities and project a prosperous the future. The platform’s emblem appears in the middle of the flag in its brown colour.

Usage of the flag:
The flag shall always be hanged on occasions that EZT organizes where convenience permits.

It will be permanently installed at our office in Fort Portal and our offices shall keep portable flags for use in mobile activities. We shall also have small flags that will always feature on the official and domestic tables of the Executive Director, the patron and chairman of the board.

When the platform’s flag appears for a function, the platform’s anthem shall always be performed at the opening and closure of the function. The combined element /effect on the flag i.e. the colours and emblem gives the flag exclusive respect. EZT members shall bow whenever coming or leaving where the flag is raised for the function.