The big shield and the big spears represent the target society. The small shields and the spears signify Tooro Youth Platform for Action (Engabu za Tooro) getting the society to protect against circumstances and forces that ruin her development and progress. It also signifies unity for a purpose hence correlating with the motto, Unity in the Struggle and brings out plurality, which is in the name ENGABU ZA TOORO many Engabus’ forming one force. The colour brown on the shields reflects culture. It signifies that we shall always observe maximum respect of peoples’ cultures.
Usage of the Emblem:
At Platform level, the head office shall always have an emblem and this too shall apply to our major branches. This emblem shall always appear on the main table where our top brass Platform members and visitors’ seat during any functions.

It shall always appear on meetings and functions that the Platform organizes.

The existence of the emblem on any gatherings where the EZT are, shall impliedly call for maximum respect to these functions since the emblem reflects their struggle.

On the occasions where the emblem features, the Anthem of EZT shall be sung both at the beginning and the closure of the function.

The emblem appears on all the Platform’s documents and attires. This presence signifies reality and immortality of the platform.