This is the official song and a symbol of the platform. The words are draw from the mission statement and the Principles of the platform. These words are sung in Tooro cultural rhythm and melody.

Usage of Anthem:
For any officially organized activity for the platform, the Anthem shall always be sung to the opening and closing of function. It may also be sung in honour, remembrance or recognition of a member or an event at a gathering not necessarily organized by the platform.

The Anthem shall be sung when all the people are standing and making EZT salute, which signifies pointing into the future with strength, confidence and dignity.

It is a duty for all the members of EZT to know the anthem.

The OBUMU HABWEKIGENDERERWA (unity for a purpose) appears on the emblem of the platform. It shall always be motto for the Platform to the members. It should feature at opening presentation made by any of the members of the Platform; it can be sounded at opening and closure of the presentation made by any member. He can sound the part “OBUMU” and the audience responds with the second part “HABWEKIGENDERERWA”. Other verbal symbols or small mottos may be developed to symbolize common values and raise the morale of the youth in their activities.