The general objective is to strengthen the talents and skills of the youth for self-reliance.the clubs include;-

EZT Music Band

EZT Board receiving the award

(EZT Board recieving the Pearl of Africa Music Award after one of the EZT artist (Kigambo Moses-extreme left) won, as the best cultural artist)

This club specializes in composing music on local development issues; produce music on audio and visual tapes, CDs and DVDs. Activities include composing music and producing albums, training creative dances to accompany the composed music, marketing the products, performing in public and social functions and participating in music competition at national and international levels.

EZT Brass band

This club started in order to address the needs of the young people who wanted to develop talents and skills in instrumental music. Brass band was also becoming fashionable as a means of mobilizing of people for public functions, business and social campaigns and the local community was spending huge sums of money to hire external Brass Band. EZT Brass Band was started in 2003.

EZT Cultural Troupe

cultural troupe(1)

cultural troupe members presenting with Kigambo Moses (extreme right)

This club specializes in African traditional dances, folklore and poetry. Activities in the club include research and collection of African traditional dances and oral literature, continuous training in these dances, producing traditional African music on modern audio and visual devices for telecasting, performances in modern theater and social functions, coordinating, training and networking with other cultural groups in the Rwenzori region.

EZT Scouts Club

Deals with organizing and managing crowds in public and community functions. More activities include training and organizing camps, tours, explorations and adventures, operating scout convenient income projects and maintenance, operating and custody of EZT and national symbols and signs like Flags, Emblem, Throne and Anthems.

EZT Acrobatic Club


some of the acrobatics doing presenting

This club emerged under the talent Development Programme as a result of young manifesting varied talents when provided with an enabling environment.

acrobatics 1

one of the acrobatics member entertaining guests at a function

Sub Programmes ;-

1. Youth Talent Development:

kigambo moses

Kigambo Moses entertaining guests. he gets his earnings from such functions

The youth in rural districts of western Uganda are not mobilized, lack employable skills, lack facilities and opportunities to develop talents and use culture to earn a living. Therefore the youth are isolated, immobilized, unemployed, un attached, poor, vulnerable and some end up in criminality and drug abuse.

Despite this situation EZT has learnt overtime that these youth have potential talents which could be exploited and developed to enable them earn a living and contribute to development.

The programme therefore, using talent, provides them with a platform on which they get mobilized and have a sense of belonging. The programme has the following talent clubs; a Brass band (50 members), music band of cultural artists (25 members), Cultural Troupe (50 members), Scouts (10 members), Karate (50 members) Acrobat (10 members) and Young Koogere (40 members)

cultural troupe 3

one of the cultural troupe members who mimics the old people presenting country music.

cultural troupe 2

right, the cultural troupe during a function)


Secondly, the programme members perform commercially and the proceeds go to members as daily income to meet some basic requirements and school fees for those who go to schools.

Thirdly, while they are recruited as members in those clubs, on top of skills training and rehearsals in performing art, they receive life skills training, career guidance and counseling.

  1. Community Theater: EZT hosts weekly shows commonly known as “Hakyoto Mukairirzi” translated as ‘Cultural Evening’ every Sunday. This programme was started with an aim of addressing the needs of the people with the desire for entertainment and recreation, but with no option than the expensive, imported and socially destructive Trans night discos. The cultural evening was also started with an aim of establishing an alternative form of affordable, educative and socially constructive entertainment. Also establish a weekly platform where talents are exhibited and demonstrated

EZT is in the process of establishing a talent center which will concentrate activities, consolidate the achievements and scale up the impact.

  1. Youth Vocational Skills Development :
Life skills pics 023(1)

some of the life skills members in group discussions during thier classes while thier tutor (Lindsey Edwards) looks on

This involves mobilizing disadvantaged youth using performing art activities to give them life skills training, skills training in performing art, career guidance and counseling and linking them to entrepreneurship, vocational trainings and re-integrating some to formal education and promoting some to professional performing art. Currently the life skills classes are conducted weekly by the US Peace Corps Volunteers in the organization.

Life skills pics 043

some of the life skills members take a group photo while holding copies straight talk after a life skills training class