1. Sale of Publications (Books and Magazines)
  2. Brass Band Services
  3. Sale of Music products (tapes, CDs and DVDs)
  4. Cultural Troupe hire Services
  5. Weekly Life Skills training to EZT youth
  6. weekly shows and outside commercial shows.
  7. Consultancy in Music
  8. Hire / sale of Cultural materials
  9. Cultural Consultancy Services
  10. Local donations
  11. Hosea Nkojo Scholarship fund

Awards EZT has attained

Ashoka award for social entrepreneurs

EZT’s Executive Director Stephen Rwagweri was nominated for this international award because of the unique social innovations in the Koogere (women entrepreneur award) initiative

Rotary International Award

– EZT’s artist Moses Kigambo and talent development programme was given a vocational award of distinguished success in promoting talents in the youth and successfully integrating development themes in the entertainment industry.

Pearl of Africa Music (PAM) Award-2007

In 2007, EZT’s cultural troupe and its artist Moses Kigambo won the PAM Award as the best cultural artist/group of the year and the best Western Artist of the year. This is done at national level.

Pearl of Africa Music (PAM) Award-2008

EZT’s artist Moses Kigambo once again participated in the PAM Award and was again nominated as the best western artist of the year. This has impact in promoting the artist and group to national level, increase scope of EZT entertainment clientele, tremendously increasing revenues for the artist and the club and inspiring other members in the club and the entire community to work hard and achieve.