The History of funding Partners

EZT is particularly grateful to all its member organizations, donors and supporters.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation (2012 to-date)

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund (Travel costs to attend 1GC meetings)—  2012 to-date

Common Wealth Foundation (2008/2009)

HIVOS-The Netherlands (1999-2008)

Concern World Wide (2006-2009)

Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (2007/2008)

Goal-Uganda (2002-2004)

Prince Claus Fund-Netherlands (2000-2003)

Kwataniza-Netherlands (2001-2003)

Germany Embassy in Kampala (2004)

Hanns seidel Stiffung Germany (2004)

Move your ASS-Netherlands (2003)

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) (1999)

Engabu Za Tooro also generates its local revenue from: sale of publications, Brass band services, sale of music products, cultural troupe hire services, gate collections on weekly community theater and outside commercial shows, periodic events, business skills training participants fees, consultancy in music and cultural services and Hosea Nkojo Sholarship fund.