Activities include continuous collection of materials, research, preservation and description of materials, constructions and maintenance of the infrastructure and an annual cultural exhibition.

Summary of the major sections of the Koogere Museum collections

Evolution of dressing

Evolution of defense tools

Evolution of production tools

Evolution of power, fire production technology

Evolution of grainding instruments

Evolution of brewing technology

Evolution of Entertainment tools and instruments

Evolution of Royal regalia instruments

Evolution of Royal ritual materials

Evolution of Domestic utensils

Evolution of Hand craft materials

Evolution of Cattle products processing technology

Evolution of Art and sculpture

Evolution of Architectural and construction

Evolution of Ornaments and cosmetics

Evolution of Religious articles and materials

Evolution of Literature materials

Evolution of Clan totems and symbols

Symbolic representation of the Evolution of Wildlife (reptiles, birds and mammals)

Symbolic representation of floriculture

The museum has been recognized as one of the 13 community museum initiative by Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda in the final report of cultural mapping in Uganda. The activity was funded by UNESCO and this museum is more likely to win support from the latter organization.