Catapult: used for hunting and fighting


Clubs: used as a tool for inter-individual fighting and also as a walking stick


Benet: used for hunting and fighting


Arrows: used for hunting and fighting


Shield: used to protect a fighter from arrows shot by the enemy

panga 2

Panga: used for hunting and fighting


Spear: used for hunting and fighting

traditional shoes 2

Traditional shoes: Used as shoes for men by people in ancient Bunyoro kitara

pair of trousers

Cloth made out of leaves (pair of trousers)

calf hide

Cloth made out of calf’s hide (shirt)

back cloth

Back cloth (shirt)

men's handbag

Men’s hand bag made out of colour bus monkey


Tunic: used for clothing

ancient house

House for ancient weapons

house for royal drums

Ritual house: for royal drummers (royal drums are stored inside as fire is lit outside. Royal drumming starts from here)

assebly hall

Assembly hall : or royal princesses (this house is used by the King to meet royal princesses. The meeting is presided over by the chief Princesses) Grainding stone used to graind millet, dry cassava into millet and cassava flour Pounding mortar used to pond ground nuts and dry cassava into G.nut paste and cassava flour Saw mill used to graind millet, dry cassava into flour


Rope: used to tie a cow’s hind legs during milking

decoration frm pupyrus

Decoration got from papyrus plant used as decoration when presenting milk to a guest or any other person

gourd holder

Gourd holder: used to hold gourd containing milk.

milk gaurd

Gourd: used as milk container where milk is served

gourd covers

Gourd cover used to cover a gourd containing milk

calabash 2

Calabash used to keep pasteurized milk


Calabash: used to prepare cow ghee

milk guard 2

Gourd (2): used as milk containber where milk is served to the head of the family


Pot: used to keep warm water for washing the gourd. It can also be used to keep warm water for the head of the family to bath

dry grass

Dry grass, when burnt, this type of grass has smoke that makes gourd have scent

smoking pot

Smoking pot, it’s where the grass (above) is smoked from


Gourd holder, it’s where the gourds are tied during cultural functions (cupboard)

full package

A full package of all the milk items (used as a cupboard where milk items are kept)


Buffalo (Abafuma-mbogo)


Abagaya clan

water duck

Water duck (ababiito)



traditional shoes

other types of traditional shoes. this type is still used today

traditional sit

traditional sit


local bag where clothes are kept

local perfume basket

smoke that contains the local perfume is put under this basket and the clothes are put on top such that they can be scented with the local perfume.